What This Company Did With Legos In Their Office Is Amazing. Can I Work There?

How cool would it be to work in an office made entirely out of Lego bricks? While we’re not quite there yet, Hamburg, Germany-based creative studio NPIRE is a lot closer than most offices. 

For the last year, employees at NPIRE slowly built a colorful wall of Legos to divide their kitchen space from the hallway. The finished product is the coolest piece of office furniture you’ve ever seen. 

According to NPIRE, they used around 55,000 individual Lego bricks to build the wall. It took them almost a full year to finish building it.

That’s a TON of Lego bricks.

The archway taking shape.

The completed wall is a little bigger than nine feet tall and nine feet wide.

This looks like one of the best jobs ever.

Here is the final product. I need one of these in my apartment.

(Via: Design Taxi)

I’m not saying that the offices of ViralNova aren’t nice, but I think we could all really benefit a Lego wall (or two) of our own. Please?

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