What They Found Hidden Behind This Coke Machine Is Beyond Epic

I always wanted to have a secret room of my own. I loved the idea of being able to pull a book on a bookshelf and have the shelf spin around. I thought that having access to a secret room where I could conduct experiments would be the greatest thing ever. It seemed so cool just to have a whole room that no one knew about.

This bar in Shanghai can get you pretty close to the experience. Behind this vintage Coke machine is something secret that you would never find unless someone deliberately showed you.

That’s not a soda machine after all…

It’s a hidden bar!

It’s a really nice-looking hidden bar, too.

(via Boredpanda)

How cool is that? If you want to get your drink on James Bond-style, you’ll have to fly all the way to China and find the upscale speakeasy named “Flask.” It’s located behind a nondescript Coke machine, and once you find it, you can live out your wildest secret bar fantasies. I know I’m going to go in search of it as soon as possible. Just don’t tell anyone; it’s a secret!

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