Welcome to the Greatest Australian City That Never Was. This is Pretty Spooky.

In the state of New South Whales, Australia, sits the ruins of what was once supposed to be the thriving city of Environa. The area was partially developed during the mid-to-late 1920s. However, the economic pressures of the Great Depression forced developers to abandoned the project.

Today, the area still sits more or less how it was in 1930, undeveloped and barren. Yet, there is still a network of roads built for the city that currently lead to nowhere.

Here is a flyer advertising the future estates of Environa.

That pin is where the city would have been located if construction finished.

Development of the basic infrastructure began during the 1920s. Here is an aerial view of the completed roads for the one time development.

Sadly, the economic pressures of the Great Depression killed the project in its infancy.

Before its end, a number of stone pillars like this one were built, as well as a stone archway entrance shown in the previous photo.

Several of these rustic looking bandstands were also constructed on the property before the end.

H/T: Tumblr

The property that was supposed to be Environa is now owned by the local government. The roads of “the city that never was” still appear on local maps. These roads really lead to nowhere. Yikes.

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