Watch Your Back Around Your Pet, He’s Definitely Plotting Something Against You

The neverending mystery of what animals are thinking is a perplexing one. Yes, sometimes it’s easy to decipher that your dog missed you when he smothers you with kisses, or that your cat is hungry in the morning when they walk on your face. Other times, though, you’re left to wonder if, maybe – just maybe – your pet is secretly plotting an elaborate scheme to take over the world (or at least the living room). What are these guys up to?

1. He’s plotting the easiest path to that sandwich.

2. The new guy in town better watch his back…

3. “You better sleep with one eye open, guy.”

4. “This boyfriend has to go.”

5. “Your garbage will be mine! ALL MINE.”

6. “I will hide behind the chips until the human is gone. Then the operation begins…”

7. “That’s right. Eat dinner, just like always. Nothing strange about today at all.”

8. “Someday, this park will be mine…someday.”

9. These two are so predictable – they only attack from above.

10. Ever felt like someone’s watching you? You’re always right.

11. “No humans allowed.”

12. In darkness, he waits for the perfect moment to execute The Plan.

13. I have a feeling you have the right to be worried.

14. I know that look…

15. You know…I can see you.

16. What?!

I’ve never done anything except love you!

17. …How did those knives get there?

18. This. Is. Terrifying.

19. Aw, your anger kind of only makes you even cuter.

20. Yeah, he’s definitely in some kind of cat mob.

21. You can tell by the look that this cat is giving you…

22. Always lurking in the shadows…

23. “Please do not disturb my diabolical brainstorming session.”

“With myself.”

24. The lighting makes this especially creepy.

25. Possibly, the most evil cat in the world.

26. These two feline conspirators are definitely looking to take out this dog.

27. Good catch, dog, that cat is DEFINITELY up to something.

28. Holy cow, this is the spookiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Ah! I will DEFINITELY be sleeping with by back to the wall tonight, I don’t trust these sneaky critters one bit. I wish I could tell what they were thinking, but it’s destined to forever remain a mystery.

Do you think your pet is planning an adorable takeover?

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