Useless Life Hacks For People Who Are Just Bored With Life.

How many “life hacking” articles have you read in the last month alone? How about the last week? It’s crazy that we’re obsessed with eking out every last little second we can from our lives… only to sit through a marathon of Real Housewives and complain about our lack of free time.

These 24 life hacks are the polar opposite of those “useful” ones you grew tired of seeing. In fact, these are so anti-productive, we should call them by their true name: Awesome Hacks.

1.) How did we never know this before?!

2.) Girls, you’ll never need a man again.

3.) Here’s the ultimate party trick.

4.) Because… ok, we got nothing.

5.) Camp time fun.

6.) Ready to be super-fly?

7.) Yup, that just happened.

8.) Because why not?

9.) Liquor-nado!

10.) No loop, swoop, pull?

11.) I always wanted a Mr. Lincoln t-shirt.

12.) Exactly the instructions I needed.

13.) Did that just happen?

14.) How many times do you think he fell learning this?

15.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Loser.

16.) Super chef.

17.) If you want to hit every space on the board…

18.) At least this one was useful… when CDs existed.

19.) I’m totally going to try this.

20.) I should have used this last week before spilling over that marketing plan…

21.) Hmm… ok.

22.) So THAT’S how you do it!

23.) Whoa.

24.) Say WHAT?!

(via eBaum’s World)

These won’t make you more productive, but don’t you think life will be more fun with them? We certainly do!

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