Trying To Sleep On The Job? Here Are The Secrets To Getting Away With It.

Imagine that it’s 2:30-3 PM and you are stuck in your office for a few more hours. You try to keep going, but your eyes are just getting heavier and heavier. Sure, you can drink a coffee and get that sweet caffeine rush for a little bit, but what you really want is to curl up in bed and take a nap. Even though studies have shown that napping during the workday is extremely beneficial, most employers still frown upon it. 

Because of that, you may have to find a creative way to get a nap in without your boss noticing. Here are some trick you can try:

1.) Reaching For An Item

It is important for you to note that while using this method of sleeping at your desk, you need to have one hand off of the desk and looking like you are reaching for something on the floor. The man above has pretty bad form because both of his arms are on his desk. That’s a quick way to get caught. If someone barges in, interrupting your nap time just tell them that your pen fell on the floor and you can’t seem to find it. They’ll leave and think you’re weird for a second, but whatever, you got away with napping on the job.

2.) The Forehead Snooze.

In order to give the illusion that you are hard at work, you’re going to need to look hard at work. For this method, open up a document on your computer and make sure it is very large, something that would take a lot of work to complete. Place your hand on your mouse, rest your forehead on your computer monitor and snooze away.

3.) The George Costanza

If you remember the episode of Seinfeld where George kept sleeping under his desk, you’ll know that he gets caught in the act and reprimanded. This is how you can get away with it, If you have a computer tower under your desk, you can make it look like you are trying to fix something in the tower by opening the side of it and laying under your desk. Another clever method is to leave an open contact case on your desk to make it appear as if you are frantically searching for your lost lens. This will make your coworkers and/or boss feel bad for you and they’ll probably leave you alone.

4.) Car Sleep

OMG! You totally for got that one thing at home and you really need to get it because you really need it for whatever you’re doing! Boom! You just bought yourself 20-30 minutes of sleeping in your car. To be super convincing, drive off the parking lot so you aren’t spotted. Go to a local fast food restaurant or mall’s parking lot and catch some Z’s.

5.) The Deep In Thought Nap

This method is great and probably the most utilized way of sleeping on the job, or in my case up here, in class. Position something in front of you that looks like you could be reading it, put your head in your palm and lights out. If your office allows it, put headphones in to explain why you didn’t immediately respond to the question your boss just asked you. As you can see, I perfected this method in college. Another way to fool your boss into thinking you aren’t asleep is to wear sunglasses and talk about how you think it is super bright in the office that day.then you’re bullet-proof.

6.) The “I’ve Got The Runs” Excuse

Oh you had tacos for lunch? Naturally you’ve “got a case of the runs.” That can last anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending on how good of an actor you are. Rush to the bathroom, close the door, prop up some toilet paper to use as a pillow and nighty night. Yea, some people reading this probably think sleeping on a bathroom floor is gross, but those people are probably not as tired as you anyway.

Use these fool-proof methods for sleeping in your office, class, or just about anywhere boring where you want to sleep. You’ll be well rested for what really matters, going home and going to sleep!

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