This Squirrel Cam Captures All The Cute Critters As They Prepare For Winter.

As humans, we prepare for winter by pulling out our bulky sweaters and scarves and stocking up on soup. While we inch closer to dusting off our space heaters and unfolding our electric blankets, these adorable adorable critters seem to be focused on one thing: food.

If you ever wanted to know what squirrels look like when they’ve hit the nut jackpot, then Squirrel Cam is the Facebook page for you. A mid-munch squirrel is a sight that’s awesome to see. If that thought has never occurred to you, you’ll quickly learn that it is. They’re just so excited about their find–it’s really so adorable. It’s not exclusively squirrels, either. Chipmunks and other tiny critters make appearances as well. 

These little guys are preparing for winter, stuffing their cheeks full of nuts and seeds. Their enthusiasm for cheek-stuffing is cuter than I ever imagined it could be.

There’s no way I’m wasting this peanut.


Okay, they can stay.




Happy Halloween!

This squirrel knows they’re posing for a picture and not a oil painting, right?

Buth I wanth more…

Super Chipmunk.

Epic noms, guys. Epic noms.

The nut represents the chipmunk’s cuteness, the chipmunk my brain.

The jig is up.

A little wisdom from your friends at Squirrel Cam.


What? What peanut?

WAIT, you’re not a squirrel.

You said I could take more than one, right?

Everyone loves a good midday snack!

…but I want to eat more…


(via Squirrel Cam)

So cute! You’d have to be nuts not to be into Squirrel Cam.

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