This Nurse Re-Imagines Her Precious NICU Patients As Astronauts And More.

Nurse Jessica Wright spends her days caring for peaceful looking patients, but she knows the babies in her neonatal intensive care unit are quietly fighting a rough battle for their lives. However, that doesn’t stop her and her fellow nurses from imagining the bright futures waiting for every child. In fact, she has big dreams for these babies.

Writing for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s blog, Wright explains, “I like to think that I’ve cared for the next President of the United States, the scientist who’s going to help cure cancer, a Top Chef, an astronaut, an Olympic gold medalist, and dozens of teachers, firemen and fellow nurses.”

The idea was then adorably illustrated with doodles surrounding photos of the precious patients. It’s so cute that you almost don’t notice the wires and tubes affixed to their tiny features. 

A beautiful ballerina.

An amazing astronaut.

A darling doctor.

A charming chef.

An outstanding Olympian.

Wright says she likes to think big when it comes to these babies because, “As evidenced by the size of the fight in their tiny bodies, these little ones have big things in store for the world.” Of course, the most important thing is that they all grow up to be one thing: healthy.

You can read more from Wright and other nurses like her at Dedicated to All Better, and help spread the message for healthy, happy babies everywhere.

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