This Man’s Heart Is Outside His Body And Inside His Backpack

I’ve heard of wearing one’s heart on their sleeve, but this man has his in a backpack. His artificial heart, at least.

Stan Larkin is a 24-year-old man who recently became the first person to leave the hospital with an artificial heart. He is not the first to have one, but until now, the implantable defibrillators used on patients awaiting a heart transplant were far too large to be taken outside. What’s even more impressive is that, if you didn’t catch a glimpse of the transparent tube, you’d have no idea Larkin was carrying his artificial heart on his back.

(source YouTube)

What an amazing advancement in modern medicine. Here’s hoping Larkin can get that real heart he so desperately needs. If you’re interested in saving the lives of others, visit this website to become an organ donor.

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