This Man Took a Picture at Night in a Swamp and Got the Scare of a Lifetime.

Seeing an alligator in the wild during the day sounds pretty scary, but imagine seeing a whole bunch of alligators at night. That’s exactly what nature photographer Larry Lynch saw, and it’s exactly as scary as you think it is. Just wait until you see their eyes. So freaky!

This dangerous alligator’s eyes aren’t actually red. They look that way because of the special receptors in their eyes that make the most out of darkness and low light. They’re similar to the eyes of cats, except that they reflect red light instead of green when using a camera flash.

To get these pictures, Larry ventured into the Florida swamps in almost total darkness.

Recalling what it took to get these photos, Larry said, “Between kneeling in several inches of black mud, the heat, humidity, and bloodthirsty mosquitos, my thoughts were, ‘get the best picture I can and get the hell out.'”

And get out he did. Just look at these pictures. Each one of those glowing points of light is an alligator. Talk about terrifying.

This is not a place I would want to be at night. All of those alligators look hungry.

Via: Tumblr

I’m not sure if it was worth the risk, but these photos are pretty amazing. For more images from Larry Lynch, make sure to visit his website

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