This Man Just Set What Might Be The Most Painful World Record Ever

When it comes to world records, most of us wouldn’t dream of setting the record for most piercings. However, most of us aren’t 30-year-old Vancouver resident Matthew Menczyk.

This past weekend, Menczyk broke the world record for the most piercings done in one session. Menczyk had 4,550 surgical needles stuck through his skin in the span of 8 hours. If you think that sounds painful, just wait until you see the pictures.

Over the course of 8 hours and under the watchful eyes of trained professionals, Menczyk endured the needles being inserted through his skin, one at a time. “I just wanted to cry,” he said.

Body modification specialist Russ Foxx was the one doing the piercing on the self-proclaimed tattoo addict’s body.

“We decided to not just beat the record…but to destroy it,” said Foxx. The previous record was a still-impressive 3,900 surgical needle piercings done over 7 hours in 2011.

While this may seem like a brutal hobby, Menczyk was doing it to raise money for Directions Youth Services (DYS). DYS helps at-risk youth in the Vancouver area.

Menczyk’s personal goal is to eventually do 10,000 surgical needle piercings in a single session. Foxx and Menczyk say they are planning to break their new record sometime next year.

(source The Daily Mail)

That looks incredibly painful. At least he was doing it for a good cause. I wonder what kind of scars he’ll have from this.

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