This Man Is Recreating Women’s Tinder Profile Pictures And The Results Are Hilarious.

Tinder is a dating app for you phone… but it’s not very complicated. Anyone who has ever been on Tinder knows that the most important part of the profile is the picture. If you like what you see, you basically cast a “YES!” vote. And if you don’t? You move on. Because of the importance of using an attractive photo, a lot of people unfortunately miss the mark and end up with an extremely odd profile picture.

An Australian gentleman by the name of Jarrod Allen decided to recreate some of the most ridiculous or self-absorbed Tinder photos he found… and the results are EPIC.  

1.) Deuces!

2.) Oh how coy.

3.) Had to shrink for that one.

4.) Bottoms up!

5.) That’s not how you use a punching bag.

6.) I think the guy’s is actually shorter.

7.) Who doesn’t love a guitar player?

8.) This has to be dangerous.

9.) Preggo!

10.) Hope no one steps on his face.

11.) Stay safe.

12.) Is it cold in here or is it just me?

13.) Little Marilyn Monroe action going on.

14.) Who does this?

15.) Those eyebrows doe.

16.) Excellent recreation of the tattoo.

17.) Ah yes, the old milk shower.

18.) Just drink the wine, showoff.

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