This Man Ended Up Paying $300K For A Desert Trip He’ll Never Forget

When things got hot and heavy between Peter Cousins and his partner in a Nevada desert, he had no way of knowing that it would undoubtedly be the most expensive romantic encounter he’ll ever have. For one, his partner was none other than his own girlfriend, Dawn Reed. The fun in the sun was just that until Cousins began to have a heart attack. Stuck over 60 miles from the nearest phone signal, Cousins had to do some serious hustling to find a driver who was able to phone an ambulance for her mate. An air ambulance, that is. Cousins was flown to a hospital where a stint was placed in his heart, saving his life.

Dawn Reed and Peter Cousins.

Cousins being airlifted to the hospital.

Despite the pricey hospital, the couple maintains that they have no regrets.


In total, the couple’s desert sex romp came to $300,000 worth of medical expenses. Cousins said he’s paid off the bills and has no regrets about the matter. Before you go off into the barren land of Nevada looking for fun as if you were the kind of person who could easily pay off $300,000, remember this: if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the desert.

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