This Inventive Photographer Created Eight Amazing Worlds of Color.

Photographer Adrien Broom had an idea two years ago to create eight rooms, each one a different color and theme. Broom wanted to use each room as a celebration of its color. She wanted to recapture through photography the simple childhood joy of experiencing colors. The large-scale, time- and space-consuming project would incorporate photography, video, and installation art. As you might guess, it also required a lot of funding.

Broom funded the project through Kickstarter and reached her goal. A little over a year ago in July 2013, she completed the first four rooms (Red, White, Yellow and Blue. She recently completed the final four (Orange, Green, Purple and Rainbow). The rooms are magical on their own, full of props, lighting and furniture that reflect the color scheme of the room.


The beginning of the story, where there is no color in the world.



Each room, and its related photos and videos, tells a story. The story features a young girl who wakes up in the first room (the World of White) to find that all the color is gone. She journeys through each room, rediscovering all the colors of the rainbow, until she arrives in the last room and all colors come together. Each room is decked out with items in its particular color, and each hide a glimmer of the next color to come, making a transition from one room to the next.




Notice how the rainbow room is a recreation of the original white room, and incorporates elements from each of the worlds of color.

Broom created and shot these scenes in her studio in New Haven, CT. Since the rooms are so complex, she worked alongside bakers, florists, and other crafters to create each scene. For the most part, the images you see are Photoshop free. Sometimes, though, Broom admits digital manipulation was necessary, such as in the World of Blue, where an underwater theme was the goal. “I had to Photoshop in the ceiling,” she told My Modern Met, “There was, however, 50 pounds of real sand on my studio floor.”

You can see more shots of the Worlds of Color, as well as some incredible behind-the-scenes photos, on Broom’s site, and some time-lapse videos of the rooms’ construction. 

(Via MyModernMet: 12)

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