This Guy Photographed Rotting Food…Wait Until You See Why He Did It.

Earlier this year, Austrian photographer Klaus Pitcher’s apartment was full of rotting food. No, it wasn’t because Pitcher was lazy, or on vacation. He was preparing for a unique photo shoot to highlight the issue of food scarcity in the modern world. 

The project is called One ThirdThe name refers to the startling statistic that almost one third of all food produced on this planet goes to waste without being eaten. Pitcher had the idea to visually explore the idea of such food waste. What he came up with was a haunting photo series of food during its final days in the trash can.




Chocolate Cookies.


Greek Noodles.



Via: National Geographic

I never thought I would consider a rotting tomato to be beautiful, but somehow Pitcher pulled it off. (Hopefully his apartment didn’t smell too terrible in the process.) To see from more from One Third make sure to visit Pitcher’s website, and follow him on Facebook.

I’ll never look at my trash can the same way again.

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