This Guy Built His Very Own Beer Tap And Kegerator In His Basement

You can’t call yourself a true beer connoisseur without having a direct line to a fresh pint whenever you want. That’s right, folks, we’re talking about having a tap inside your home. Whether you’ve built your own bar, had one installed when you moved in, or gone the extra mile like this guy, that’s true dedication to brews.

This beer fan discovered the perfect spot for a beer tap in his basement. He already had a bar installed but wanted a genuine tap to bring the room together. Instead of bringing someone in to build it for him, he decided to get his hands dirty. Check out his building process below, and remember to keep an eye out for spots in your house where you could put in a beer tap (or two).

This would be where the beer tap would eventually be installed. At this point it was just a boring wall.

This particular spot was perfect because of the easy access behind the wall and under the stairs. This is where the keg would be stored.

Once a hole was cut in the wall, he could already see his project coming together. This is where the beer tap would be placed.

He then installed a panel on the back wall where the tubes for the tap would go to the keg under the stairs.

He then added some decorative trim around where the beer tap would be installed. A very nice touch.

A very important detail: the cooling fans, to keep the beer line nice and chilled.

Here’s the keg inside the refrigerator, with pressurized tubes that will keep the beer flowing.

He finished up by staining the wood slightly darker and added the necessary tap and drip tray. This is a thing of beauty!

Now, the room was truly complete.

(source Imgur)

This turned out pretty great. I’m sure that the basement will soon be everyone’s favorite room in this guy’s house.

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