This 17 Year Old Posed As An OB/GYN Doctor…And No One Suspected Him

Playing doctor as a kid is pretty normal. Many people have memories of performing surgery on stuffed animals with plastic instruments. But did you ever actually think you could go to the hospital and the nursing staff would call you “doctor”?

That’s essentially what this teen did in a OB/GYN office before finally getting caught. It’s a weird thing to do, sure, but you have to admire the kid for his covertness.

St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida had a secret teenage intern that roamed the halls of a OB/GYN clinic for a whole month before the hospital became aware.

At one point, a Dr. Kent saw the boyish look of this new doctor and thought, “I am really getting old because these young doctors look younger every year.” Little did he know the teen was 10 years younger than most doctors in their early residency.

The teenager never interacted with patients directly, but merely sat in on examinations under the disguise of an overly cautious doctor who constantly wears a surgical mask.

Dr. Kent eventually grew wise to the teen’s scheme, and promptly called security, who called the police. The teen’s mother was called. Apparently, her son has an illness and hadn’t been taking his medication. Neither the hospital or the police wish to press charges.

For his protection, the identity of this brave, weird teen has remained hidden, but we here at ViralNova approximate he would look something like this.

I just wonder how he pulled off pretending to be a doctor without actually performing any procedures. I mean I guess I’m glad he didn’t?

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