They Turned This World War II Bunker Into What? That’s Awesome.

Belgian team B-ILD designed a vacation home unlike any other. Thanks to their creativity and hard work, they were able to create this unique home for the holidays in the Netherlands countryside. Part of what makes the place interesting is that half of it is below ground. However, what separates it from the thousands of other luxury vacation spots is that it was once a wartime bunker. Here’s to hoping you have a more relaxing time in it than those who occupied it during World War II (and you probably will).

Despite its troublesome past, this place really turned into a great place to vacation. Take a look.  

It may not look like much…

…but once you look below the surface, you’ll see that this vacation home is one of the finest in the world.

The entrance.

So far, so good.

It’s not as dark as I thought a bunker would be.

The lights/wall color combination really suit it well.

Ooh! Bunk beds!

It’s not a summer vacation if you’re not sleeping stacked on top of your friends or loved ones.

Plenty of space, especially for a bunker.

Not a bad storage situation.

A table for the family to eat around.

What a location, too. This is quite the summer home.

(via de zeen, Reddit)

What a place! You could really get some privacy in that spot. It seems like it would be plenty relaxing, if you can forget about the whole war thing.

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