These Twins Have More Fashion Sense Than I Ever Will. Jeeeeeez.

These stylish twins, “M” and “D,” are already fashion royals and they haven’t even started kindergarten yet. The two model daily outfits on their Instagram page, ranging from dapper to so dapper it’s almost hard to believe that two youngsters could look so cool. Sunglasses, suspenders, scarves… there’s nothing that these two can’t pull off. Take a look!

Bow Ties and Glasses

Suspenders and Shades






A Look Into The Future?

(via 2yungkings, H/T Huffington Post)

I don’t know if they’re picking out their own outfits, but whoever dresses them deserves some sort of award. Perhaps a golden bow tie? Are these two even old enough to know what a fashion icon is? Because both of them are on their way to being one.

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