These Tiny Houses Are A Big Help For The People They’re Being Built For

Occupy Madison was created to protest against the “1%,” but today, the group’s main goal is to work with each other to help the less fortunate people in their community. During the protest, many participants noticed that they were setting up camp next to an overwhelming amount of homeless citizens who had no where else to go. 

Thanks to this realization at Occupy Madison, more and more homeless Wisconsinites are finding places to live. This year alone, the group will build six houses for homeless families to take shelter in. The houses may be small, but they make a big difference in these families’ lives. Not only do these houses protect them from the cold, it gives them a safe place to store their valuables so they can look for jobs, go to school, and find other housing options throughout the day. The tiny houses also come holiday ready with lights and a tree so its inhabitants can enjoy the season the way so many of us take for granted.  

Occupy Madison’s plans for a community of tiny houses. In addition to shelter, bathrooms and a place to wash clothes will also be provided.

OM volunteers working on the tiny houses.

It’s so great to see a community come together to help their fellow neighbors.

One tiny house making its way to its new home.

These look great!

Ribbon cutting ceremony.

Enjoy the new house.

(via Occupy Madison, Inc., H/T Elite Daily)

What an incredible project. Occupy Madison may not be shutting down the big banks any time soon, but boy, is it doing some really incredible things to help its community. For more information on Occupy Madison’s tiny houses and the rest of their huminatrian projects, check out their website.

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