These People Knew Exactly How They Wanted To Leave This Life: With A Bang.

Unless we have enough money to take our cues from Britney Spears and Simon Cowell, or find some way to live eternally through our spectacular writing of viral listicles, the truth is we’re all going to die one day. Everyone does it (even the non-cool kids). Aside from embracing time with loved ones, the best thing you can do to prepare is to make sure you go out in style. That’s exactly what these real deceased folks wanted to do.

They may not be on this Earth any longer, but their awesomeness remains.

1.) Funk’s NOT dead!

2.) Tis a sad day indeed. What are we going to pour on the curbside to honor it?

3.) I’m sure Nacho was a great guy, but I’d have a hard time sitting through his eulogy and not thinking of melted cheese.

4.) This is sweet, but also gross. Like whose the chick is like “Oh a saddle made out of human skin? Right on!”

5.) The original Ghost Hunter.

6.) Womp.

7.) RIP Cosmo!

8.) John probably shouldn’t have let his fraternity friends take lead on this one.

9.) I’ll give you a hint, _____ of a Salesmen.

10.) Indeed, Mitchell.

11.) I’m sure this guy had a perfectly good first name he could have put up instead.

12.) Before Obamacare…

13.) I think the craziest thing about this gravestone is…these brothers died on the same day exactly one year apart!

14.) Kind of poetic.

15.) I hope this is the plaque commemorating the end of my office nickname.

16.) Mohammad’s death was an inside job!

17.) In 1909 this town lost a true stalwart of the community.

18.) Wait is ‘Hammers’ her middle name? To perfect.

19.) If only…

20.) The final installment of the classic book series.

21.) Ah, yes.

22.) Classic. RIP, Les.

23.) *Tear*

24.) So long!

Any ideas for what your epitaph will read? I think mine will be “Author of 3 separate ‘Silliest Ghost Goats’ posts”. I’d like that.

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