These Mysterious Holes Don’t Just Look Scary, They Have Deadly Pasts to Back Them Up.

The Earth contains many mysteries on the surface. However, when you examine what lies beneath the surface, it is only then when these mysteries start to become increasingly frightening.

There’s a reason why underground caverns, wells and cracks look freaky. Aside from their eerie appearances, these caves and holes in the earth also have pasts that are way scarier than any movie you watched on Halloween. Take a look at these incredibly scary caves and their troubling origins.

Spooner Well

With the help of a few British soldiers, Bathsheba Spooner murdered her husband by throwing him down this well. She was arrested and hanged within 24 hours.

Devil’s Hole

Iroquois believed a demonic serpent named Evil One lived in this cave with the title of the “most haunted place in Western New York.”

Old Newgate Prison

Old Newgate Prison, Connecticut’s first prison, was built from an old copper mine. The conditions were so dark and disgusting that numerous inmates died trying to escape their waking nightmares.

Well Of Sacrifice

This well is thought to be a place where Maya would sacrifice gold, cooper, and even humans…including some small children.

Killing Cave Of Phnom Sampeau

Those who fell victim to murdering and torture by the hands of the Khmer Rouge were all too familiar with the Killing Cave Of Phnom Sampeau.

Dead Man’s Hole

This hole was thought to be a dumping ground for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

Catawba Murder Hole

Legend has it that a local farmer robbed and killed a traveler before dumping their body in the hole. However, the Catawba Murder Hole was also home to other, definitely real deaths of climbers who came to visit the cave with the troubling name.

Roman Well Of Belgrade Fortress

37 “traitors” were said to be lowered into the hole and left to fight against and eventually eat each other. The stronger men at the bottom of the pit eventually starved to death and died.

Zindon Bug Pit

Those who angered the Emir of Bukhara would often be lowered into pits like Zindon where they would have to huddle amongst other prisoners while terrifying bugs and other scary things would be dumped onto them.

Haunted Mammoth Caves

These caves are said to be haunted by Floyd Collins, an explorer who died there in 1925 after getting his leg pinned under a rock. The caves are also said to have hosted a coven of witches.

(via listverse)

That’s it. I’m never going near a scary hole in the ground again. These are pretty horrible.

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