These Lighthouses Aren’t Just Beautiful, They’re Strong, Too.

A lighthouse may look out of place when the sky is blue and the only thing crashing down on the shore are the sun’s rays. But when there’s a storm coming in, a lighthouse seems right at home, battling it out against the wind, water, and gray. Without their beams of light, many would be lost forever. Without their strong bases, lighthouses would get swept into oblivion.

From bottom to the top, a lighthouse is an incredible tower that amazed more than lost sailors for years. Take a look at what these beacons of light are often up against.

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, Michigan, U.S.

San Esteban De Pravia, Spain

Porto, Portugal

Andros Island, Greece

Bretagne, France

Ostend, Belgium


Klein, Curacao


Cantabria, Spain

East Sussex, England

Victoria Beach Lighthouse, Laguna Beach, California, U.S.

Lysekil, Sweden

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Brest, France

(H/T EarthPorm)

What impressive structures these are! You don’t have to be a mariner to be thankful that these beautiful lighthouses are around. Now I want to brave this storm we’re having and see how my local lighthouse is holding up.

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