These Gorgeous Animals Will Help You Appreciate The Natural Beauty Of Fall.

Autumn is about more than pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, and sweaters. While we get carried away with all of those things it can be easy to forget that the true beauty of the season is in nature, not a mall.

These photographs of animals basking in the fall foliage will fill you with more heartwarming joy than you’ll find in any seasonal beverage can provide.

Taking a peek of all the pretty colors.

This cute cub loves to frolic in the leaves.

This curious fox blends right in.

Elks are even more majestic in the fall.

Shy squirrel quenches his thirst.

Even snails look cuter in this season.

This black cat looks like he spooked himself.

A family of opossum enjoying the cozy leaves.

A happy little hedgehog.

These deer are a-doe-able.

It’s this owl’s time to shine.

Soaking in all the autumn ambiance.

This little guy wants a better view of the beauty.

(via Where Cool Things Happen.)

Now it’s your turn to get outside and embrace the beauty of fall. You won’t be sorry.

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