These Funny Pictures Prove That Kids are Basically Very Tiny Insane People.

Having a kid is weird. Your life will transform into essentially two oscillating extremes of super boring and crazy-go-nuts out of control. One minute you’re watching your kid finish his dinner at glacial speed, the next moment you’re chasing him around trying to get him back in the tub. Here are some photos from around the Internet that perfectly capture those insane moments that every parent goes through, but doesn’t want to talk about.

1.) Hey, put your shirt on, it’s nipply in here…I mean nippy.

2.) Honey, when did we get an indoor pool?

3.) Buddy, I want to BE your hair.

4.) I mean what are those clips for anyway?

5.) He was thirsty.

6.) Mom has been holding out on these ninja hats in her dresser drawer.

7.) You try to be a good parent, but then they do this and make YOU look like the monster.

8.) That time you let him watch Tarzan too late at night.

9.) As if your son couldn’t be any sweeter.


10.) At least you know now it wasn’t the dog that was doing this.

11.) The one time clowns aren’t expected to be clumsy is when they put on their make-up.

12.) I suppose it’s better than the other way around.

13.) Balloons are pretty awesome, but you gotta keep it cool, dude.

14.) This guy is quite the handy man.

15.) Give your brother a kiss…or, you know, that too.

16.) Innovations in sitting.

17.) Nice. You realize you just created a gadget that makes your eyes useless, right?

18.) Sorry that buying the food you need to survive is so boring for you, buddy.

If an adult acted this way would would instantly put him in a clinic. But I guess cause kids are cuties we let them get away with it. Keeps things interesting I guess.

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