These DIY Kids’ Beds Are Made Out Of Wood Taken From The Forest

When you think of your bedroom, what comes to mind? You probably want it to be an escape – a place of comfort and relaxation. Ultimately, it needs to be calming and soothing enough for you to fall into a deep sleep each night.

Normally, we look to fancy beds to do the trick, but what if a boring bed frame doesn’t cut it? This father wanted to create a cool escape for his two boys. Instead of looking to big box stores, he went the alternate route and opted to make them their beds! It all started with a trip to the forest…

They ventured into the woods to find the proper materials for their beds.

The kids even helped out with the sawing (with adult supervision, of course).

Then it was up to their father to begin the process of debarking and turning the pieces into the various components of the beds.

Choosing only the highest quality wood from the forest, he began constructing the beds, making custom adjustments to create a proper bed frame.

The plan was to create two loft beds, reminiscent of a wooden tree house.

For the section of the bed that would hold the mattress, he used straight pieces of lumber so that the mattress would sit level.

Metal braces were also used to hold the bed frame in place against the walls.

As a necessary safety precaution, he installed safety railings using the wood they found in the forest. Not only are they functional, they’re also really cool looking!

He also got creative in how he used the unique shapes of the wood for structural components. Here, this piece of wood is used to brace the uppermost loft, while not encroaching on the space beneath.

And here’s the finished product.

(via Instructables)

These are some of the coolest beds I’ve ever seen. I certainly wish I had a bed like this when I was kid. Projects like this are really awesome, and show how creative you can get with the simplest materials.

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