These Brain-Bending Optical Illusions Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Rob Gonsalves is a Canadian painter whose incredible work will blow your mind. Blending real with the unreal and playing with perspective, Gonsalves’ works fall into the realms of both magical realism and optical illusions. One look just isn’t enough for his art. It’ll take at least another glance to see more of what’s going on in the pieces. Luckily, it’s so masterfully done, you won’t mind going back for another look.

Artwork by Rob Gonsalves

As you can probably tell from his work, some of Gonsalves’ favorite artists are Dali, Tanguy, Magritte, and Escher.

In 2008, Gonsalves published Imagine a Place, a compilation of his work.

In total, Gonsalves has around 70 completely finished paintings.

Gonsalves made art since he was a young boy. By the age of 12, he already dealt with advanced things like architecture and perspective.

Gonsalves worked as an architect before devoting himself full-time to painting.

Most of Gonsalves’ works are considered by those in the art world to be “magical realism,” a genre where magical or unreal elements play a natural part in an otherwise realistic setting.

Gonsalves travels all over the world to show his work. He was recently featured at the Huckleberry Fine Art Gallery in Rockville, Maryland.

Gonsalves has released a calendar called Master of Illusion for the past six years.

(source Imgur)

These works are truly incredible. I’m glad I didn’t have to go to a museum to look at these. A security guard would’ve checked on me to see if I’m alright. You just get lost in the little worlds he creates.

For more of Rob Gonsalves’ work, check out his Facebook page.

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