These Aren’t Your Average Family Photos. They’re Way, Way Better.

When my parents used to take me and my siblings to get family pictures taken, it’d be an all day affair. We’d sit and wait, and sit and wait some more. What fun!

When it was finally time to take pictures in our strangely uncomfortable clothes, the photographer would take even longer. The family would collectively be on the brink of a mental breakdown by noon.

Photographer and family man John Wilhelm took the time honored tradition of annoying family photos and flipped it on its head. They made it awesome.

John Wilhelm decided to make sure his daughters would have the coolest photos possible.

He photoshopped them into funny and fantastic situations – these definitely
aren’t your run-of-the-mill family photos.

That’s a big ol’ bison right there – and an awesome picture!

That’s one way to keep your kids from eating candy all the time.

Honestly, I want to be photoshopped into a picture with the Batmobile as an adult.

I would also like to be photoshopped as Batman. Who do I know that has photoshop skills?

This is both cool, and pretty horrifying. Don’t worry, it’s fake.

What an awesome dad! I think every kid would love to be in pictures like these.


These guys must have the most incredible Christmas card photos every year! To see more of John’s work, check out his online portfolio or Facebook page. His daughters are featured in some of the best family portraits ever.

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