These Animal Couples Prove That Looks Don’t Really Matter. Aww.

Sexual dimorphism is a biological term for the differences between men and women of the same species. Any hack comedian can tell you the difference between men and women personality-wise. On the scientific side, however, stark physical differences between males and females aren’t reserved for Seth Rogen movies.

Here are some of the world’s species with the most shocking sexual differences that will make you wonder how they exist. 

1.) Orangutans

Male orangutans grow a weird skin flap that females don’t have. It may make their face look like a burrito monster, but the bigger the flap, the more attractive the male is as a mate.

2.) Rusty Tussock Moth.

The male rusty tussock moth has fuzzy brown wings like a moth. But the female is actually a weird worm-like thing with tiny unusable wings.

3.) Mallards.

We know that mallard males are the ones with the pretty green heads. Their plain but probably levelheaded mates swims shyly by their sides.

4.) Eclectus Parrot.

The female bird is the most striking of the two. In a jungle of bright green, the females look like they washed in tie-dye, and the males look like leaves with a beak. They differ so much that scientists once thought they were two different species.

5.) Common Pheasant.

The males of this species have long beautiful tails. The females could be mistaken for a pigeon, or a child’s drawing of a pigeon.

6.) Hawaiian Garden Spider.

The female definitely wears the eight-legged pants in this family. That huge creature on the left is the female Hawaiian garden spider, while the tiny thing that looks like it could be crushed by a mini-wheat is the male.

7.) Peacocks.

Male peacocks may be the most beautiful animal on the planet. Female peacocks look like burnt peacocks.

8.) Mandarin Ducks.

The males are the hot shot here, but I dunno… maybe it’s just this picture, but I like the smokey silver of the female, too.

9.) Lions.

Male lions have bushy manes like men from Maine. Lionesses tend to not have bushy manes, unlike women from Maine. (I kid. I’ve never been to Maine. I’m sure the women are lovely.)

10.) Mandrill.

Female mandrills look like normal baboons. Male mandrills could moonlight as carnival clowns.

11.) Angler Fish.

That big hulking fish you see there is the female. The male is that little bump down there; you probably thought it was the fish’s organ or something.

That tiny male angler fish has inspired me to go for chicks way out of my league. Watch out Katherine Heigl! There’s a new underachieving schlub vying for your attention!

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