These Adorable Squirrels Decided To Duke It Out In The Desert. So Fierce.

Squirrels may look like adorable, docile little creatures when you first see them. Truthfully, they’re fierce fighters who know how to settle a score. This is obvious after seeing these photos of South African ground squirrels duking it out in the desert.

You’ll think twice before you mix it up with these guys.

Apparently there wasn’t a real reason for the scuffle.

Maybe it’s a rodent form of fight club?

Or these two might have a troubled history together.

Whatever the cause, they do not pull any punches when they go at it.

They are pretty evenly matched.

They dance, bob, and weave like pro boxers in the ring.

And then fling themselves at each other with as much force as their tiny bodies can muster.

Looks like this one is almost down for the count…

…but he found his second wind just as a spectator showed up to enjoy a ringside view.

It’s probably the cutest fight I’ve seen.

Tensions may be high, but the adorable factor is even higher.

(via Mirror.)

There’s no word on who won the battle, but I’m sure the war continues to rage on between these two. Keep it cool, little guys.

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