These Adoptive Parents Gave Their Kids An Adorable Breakfast Tradition You’ll Love.

When Rob and his partner of ten years decided they were ready to start a family, they opened their home and hearts with the adoption of siblings. Knowing they might be a little nervous in their new environment, the couple sought a way to make sure the kiddos felt comfortable. 

After they went to bed on that first night, Rob, who goes by “Pappy” to the kids, decided to set up a surprise for breakfast and started an adorable morning tradition. Take a look!

Day 1: Dinosaurs come for a feed…

Day 2: The Cowboys and Indians battle over the Crispies…

Day 3: The Teddies tea party overruns…

Day 4: Toy Car drive-in movie.

Day 8: Breakout from Teddy Zoo.

Day 9: Mr. and Mrs. Elephant tie the knot!

Day 12: Monkey Rock.

Day 28: Photo Finish.

Day 29: Summer School.

Day 35: Lion and Monkey play Spider-Man.

Day 38: A surprise day out!

Day 39: Monkey and Teddy join the library!

Day 49: Someone has stolen breakfast!

Day 51: Teddies hide and seek!

There’s no doubt that this couple make perfect parents! You can follow along with their adoption journey on Rob’s blog, “Becoming Pappy,” and find even more adorable daily adorable stuffed animal surprises.

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