These 2 Guys Are Heroes, Plain And Simple. You Need To See What They Did.

Every so often, people experience moments that transform them into heroes. A tragedy or accident is thrust upon them, and before they know it, they are going to extraordinary lengths to help another human being. If that moment happens to you, will you be ready to step up and help another person in need?

I already know these two guys were.

When an elderly woman fell from a commuter train last week, two men dashed into action to save her.

It took them almost ten minutes to climb over the gates and scale the decline down to the waterway. By the time they got there, they were afraid she’d get sucked further downstream.

Eventually by throwing a shirt, they were able to catch hold of her. Considering the current, they likely could not have jumped in themselves and made it out easy.

Not too worse for wear, the elderly woman was treated by medics afterward, having only lost her handbag in the whole ordeal.

(H/T Mirror)

In true hero fashion, the man shown using his shirt to wrangle the woman from the water declined to have his name released. Because as we all know, true heroes walk among us everyday, and those same people are the ones who need no recognition. Instead, they lead by example.

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