These 15 Pieces Of Sushi Are Too Amazing And Adorable To Eat

What’s better on a Friday night than showing up at a chic new sushi restaurant? Personally, I love to consume plates of crazy-looking food at the end of a long week with friends. I especially like to get creative with ginger, seaweed salad, wasabi, and a bevy of other toppings for my sushi rolls. I often think the toppings are sometimes worth the wait more than the actual sushi. Sure, I’m an adult, but making a face on a tuna roll with a bit of nori still brings me joy.

That’s about to change. When I saw these creative sushi rolls without a single topping, let’s just say I can’t wait to eat these next weekend!

1.) Hey Kermit!

2.) Here, Kitty Kitty.

3.) That horse looks hungry.

4.) Toy Story!

5.) You have to love those roses.

6.) I wonder if that’s real crab meat.

7.) I really can’t even eat that. It seems so wrong!

8.) World “Piece.”

9.) Lotus blossoms are…wow.

10.) Frosty, you’re looking rather tasty.

11.) Gotta catch’em all, Pokemon.

12.) Grrrrrrrr.

13.) Hello, Kitty.

14.) Well, that’s fishy.

15.) O.M.G.

(via reddit)

If you aren’t feeling hungry after this…well, I’ll take your helping. There’s no way I’m stopping ’til I find this restaurant!

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