These 15 Hotels Are So Crazy, You Might Just Want To Stay In Them.

When you go on vacation, you usually stay in a hotel. Unless you have friends in the area, you’re destined to sleep in a cardboard bed with bad sheets. However… if you do some research, you might be able to avoid that awfulness in the future.

Each of these locations boast a unique theme, feature or amenity. Anyone would be lucky to stay here (instead of bunking with a friend who doesn’t want you around).

1.) Capsule Hotel – The Netherlands

2.) Propeller Island – Berlin

3.) The Gamirasu Cave Hotel – Turkey

4.) Jumbo Hostel – Switzerland

5.) Dog Bark Park Inn – Idaho

6.) The Canyon Caverns Suite – Arizona

7.) Das Park Hotel – Austria

8.) Giraffe Manor – Kenya

9.) Sala Silvermine Underground Suite -Sweden

10.) CasAnus – Belgium

11.) Madonna Inn – California

12.) La Villa Hamster – France

13.) Kumbuk River Resort – Sri Lanka

14.) The Bubble Tree – France

15.) The Capsule Inn – Japan

Come to think of it, if the hotel is the most exciting part of my vacation? That automatically makes the trip a success.

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