These 13 Photos Prove That New Jersey Is Actually The Creepiest U.S. State.

Anyone who’s been to New Jersey can tell you that there’s something not quite right about the Garden State. No, it’s not because of dimly lit WaWas in the middle of nowhere, or how a state can be so proud of football teams named for another state. If you haven’t been to the Garden State, then allow us to save you the trouble of a scary trip and teach you about New Jersey’s inherent creepiness. 

Most of these pictures and stories were found on or Weird NJ…and they’re only a select few. (Let me tell you, New Jersey is chock full o’ hauntings.)

1.) Clinton Road (one of the most haunted in the country)

This road is legendary among ghost hunters and non-believers alike. The 10-mile stretch is known for ghost sightings, being haunted by the Jersey Devil and a bridge where you can throw coins to a ghostly boy. Like many haunted roads in the U.S., just driving on it can give you chills. However, this one is more infamous for its ghosts than most.

2.) New Jersey children and a creepy clown.

3.) Here is a teenager playing in the clouds behind a mosquito truck in the 1960s. Why would you think that’s a good idea?

4.) Either these New Jersey residents don’t know how to take a photo, or one is a ghost.

5.) The New Jersey Devil

The New Jersey Devil isn’t just a hockey team mascot. In fact, the legend of the Leeds family and the devil goes back to 1735. The Leeds mother supposedly was pregnant for the 13th time, and for some reason, it was a devil’s child. After being born, the baby transformed into a beast that attacked its own mother and fled. Since then, the devil has been spotted in the Pine Barrens, terrorizing anyone it meets.

6.) The Scotch Plains Baptist Church Cemetery. So creepy.

7.) This is the Devil’s Tree on Mountain Road in Martinsville. It’s allegedly cursed, so don’t disrespect it.

8.) The Phantom of Phalanx Road

Many people have been killed in vehicular accidents at an intersection on Phalanx Road in New Jersey. There have been sightings of ghostly girls, trying to find help after getting into an accident (before disappearing, that is).

9.) Here is Jonathan Frid, from the TV show Dark Shadows, crowing Miss American Vampire at Palisades Amusement Park in 1970.

10.) This is the SS James Longstreet, a wrecked tanker from World War II. This 1965 photo shows it in an advanced state of decay.

11.) This ghostly photo of the Van Wickle House captured an unexpected visitor. You can see the image of a young Dutch girl right beside the fireplace.

12.) This is a nightmare scenario.

13.) Meet the Ghosts of Tennent Church

Tennent Church in Manalapan is said to be full of ghosts. It played a role in the American Revolution, serving as a place where wounded soldiers took refuge. One of the pews still appears to be bloodstained to this day. The church was used as a hospital following the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. It’s said that many ghosts of soldiers and patients wander the graveyard.

14.) This is probably the creepiest child I have ever seen.

15.) A few locals donning insanely creepy masks for Halloween.

16.) A ghostly-looking nun walking her dog in 1900.

17.) Haunted Union Hotel

This hotel no longer accepts visitors (and probably because of the hauntings). In 1934, this hotel was witness to the trial of Bruno Hauptmann, who was accused of kidnapping and murdering Charles Lindbergh’s first infant son. Many former workers and guests have complained of being terrorized by ghosts in this hotel full of history.

18.) The staff of Bell Labs. This looks the opening scene to the creepiest horror movie ever.

(via and WeirdNJ)

To be fair, New Jersey does have a lot more going for it than just being creepy. However, that wouldn’t make a for a very good story, now would it? 

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