These 10 Stories About ISIS Will Make You Very Afraid…Or Calm Your Nerves

Islamist rebel group Isis grew to be frighteningly powerful over the last couple years. They’ve proven to be a formidable opponent, now occupying significant portions of Iraq, Syria, Sinai, and Libya.

Isis is an insurgency and not a unified nation, and their operations are sometimes unorganized and undisciplined. This can lead anywhere from brutally vicious executions to careless mistakes that make the terrorist organization look merely like a pimply gang of angry teenagers.

1. In December, ISIS released a pamphlet to its fighters telling them when it is and isn’t ok to beat their sex slaves.

2. Just this month, ISIS released a video showing a small boy executing two men believed to be spies for Russia. We now know that Russia trains young boys as soldiers, brainwashing them to feel nothing after a murder.

3. Three girls from Colorado skipped school one day and hopped on a plane to join ISIS. They were eventually stopped in Germany, after telling German airport officials they were going to Turkey “to study.”

4. Last year, a senior leader of al Qaeda denounced the beheading videos that ISIS produces, saying they are too “barbaric.” When the minds behind one of the most horrific terrorist attacks say you are going to far, maybe you should listen?

5. A New Zealander recently joined ISIS and began boastfully tweeting from secret insurgent locations. The problem was he forgot to turn the geotag off and the Defense Department now know exactly where he was.

6. A Lebanese drug lord is fighting against ISIS because they target his marijuana crops.

7. There is a woman named Isis who started a petition that asks the media to use the acronym ISIL, which is technically more accurate for the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.” This is because of the negativity she recently received for her name.

8. The State Department regularly tweets at extreme Islamic propaganda accounts to denounce false evidence that supports their violent cause.

9. At one point, the Iraqi military was supposed to drop bombs upon ISIS, but accidentally dropped supplies instead. Wrong plane?

10. This year, ISIS murdered a popular Syrian street magician, beheading him in front of the city for his sorcery.

(via Oddee)

Who knows what the ultimate outcome of their rampage will be? Just this week, they captured 21 Christians in Libya. It seems that ISIS’s sporadic leadership is both their greatest weakness and their greatest strength.

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