There Are The Times And Places You’re Actually Allowed To Approach Women

Street harassment has been in the news recently, leaving a great many men and woman alike totally confused. Anymore, it’s hard to say when it’s socially appropriate to approach a member of the opposite sex. We all can agree that street harassment is something that shouldn’t be tolerated, but let’s examine the places or situations where you are allowed to talk to the woman (or man) of your fancy:

If she is a friend of a friend.

If your friend is already friends with a girl through some miracle, you can theoretically speak to her (unless she doesn’t like you and doesn’t understand why your friend hangs out with you). Then, things could get a bit dicey. But if everyone is on good terms, this is a woman you are still allowed to talk to so long as you keep it cordial and don’t start screaming obscenities or lewd things.

Your waitress.

You go to a dining establishment and…uh-oh…your waitress is a woman. Don’t worry about it, you can talk to her as long as you keep the conversation topics about the food on the menu and what food you would enjoy eating. Any other kind of interaction and you’re risking it.

If she is your doctor.

If you have a woman as your primary care physician, you are technically allowed to talk to her. What’s crazy about this woman is that you are even allowed to talk to her about your private parts BUT only if there is something wrong with them. So that could be a real buzz kill. But you ARE still allowed to talk to her.

If you are a woman.

Same sex social interaction is largely tolerated, no matter what the setting. When women approach women, there is less threat of physical harm or imposition. So, if you are a woman and want to talk to a woman, feel free. It’s all smooth sailing!

If you’re not in a dark alley.

If you hang out in dark alleys a lot, that’s probably the least conducive place for meeting ladies. #1 They don’t really walk down dark alleys in the first place #2 Dark alleys are just plain creepy for everyone #3 Why are YOU hanging in a dark alley? What happened to your life, dude? Go hang out at a bowling alley or something.

Once you’re married to a woman.

One of the perks of being married to a woman is that you get to talk to that woman! I think you are specifically allowed to address a woman during the “vows” section, but I’ll have to double check that. Either way, once you are married to a woman I think you can chat it up about the weather and finances and stuff.

Your landlord.

If you have a landlord who is a woman, you’r eallowed to call her whenever there is a problem with the apartment. That’s about the only reason to call her or talk to her. Any other attempt to chat will just lead to her likely raising the rent, and nobody wants that to happen. Except…well…maybe the landlord.

If you are Ryan Gosling.

If you are Ryan Gosling, guess what? You pretty much get to talk to any lady that you want. Life just kind of works that way for you if you are Ryan Gosling. Any social situation or place is acceptable for Ryan Gosling to talk to a lady. Even in a dark alley.

 There you have it folks. So instead of catcalling and street harassing, just stick to these simple rules and you’ll meet tons of ladies that you are sort of allowed to talk to.

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