The Weirdest, Most Made-Up Sounding Names For Groups Of Animals.

Back in school, we were taught that a group of geese was called a “gaggle.” What they didn’t teach us, though, is that there is a word for just about every plurality of animals. We looked into the situation to find out some of the strangest ones and we are going to pass this knowledge on to you, because you deserve it, loyal reader! Now, the next time you see a group of ravens, you won’t sound like an idiot.

1.) A ballet of swans.

2.) A troubling of goldfish.

3.) A rookery of penguins.

4.) A battery of barracudas

5.) A streak of tigers.

6.) A deceit of lapwings.


7.) A romp of otters.

8.) A parliament of owls.

9.) A prickle of porcupines.

10.) An unkindness of ravens.

11.) A seething of eels.

12.) A business of flies.

13.) A skulk of foxes.

14.) A shrewdness of apes.

15.) A sloth of bears.

16.) A mustering of storks.

17.) A crash of elephants


18.) A bloat of hippos.

19.) A zeal of zebras.

The more you know! Now you can sound like an expert around your friends and make them look silly when they use the wrong word for these groups of animals. You’re a genius now!

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