The Simple Beauty Of Water Comes Alive With This Beautiful Macro Photography

How can a drop of water be considered art? It is when Daniela Schönthaller fixes her camera on it. The Austrian-based photographer creates macro images of tiny things, including pieces of glitter, spiderwebs, snowflakes, flowers, and dewdrops. By focusing on these small items, Schönthaller creates an entire world that’s normally invisible from a human scale.

A snowflake is, after all, just a frozen water droplet!

When glitter adheres to a water droplet, it creates a disco ball-like effect.

I was and still am fascinated by the little things in nature, which normally pays no attention,” Schönthaller explains. “But…on an autumn morning when the fog lifts, a cobweb closely, you can see thousands of dewdrops, lined up like a string of pearls, in which reflect the environment.” Besides capturing the smooth, clear perfection of the water droplets, Schönthaller also captures a unique view of the world as it’s reflected and inverted inside the droplet itself.

A larger, though inverted, scene can be viewed in miniature inside the droplet.

(source Daniela Schönthaller)

Today, Schönthaller uses her photographic talent as a wedding and portrait photographer, but still has a love for the tiny worlds captured in the macro lens. You can see her work in macro photography on her website. You can also keep up with her latest work on Facebook and deviantArt.

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