The Most Haunted Schools In America Gives Us Another Reason To Fear Summer’s End.

Have you ever stayed after school and realized how creepy the halls are when the students and teachers are all gone? There is something inherently strange about an empty building that used to be so full of life… That alone can keep you from getting detention.

The following schools in the United States have been reportedly haunted by ghosts (but not the friendly kind you’d find in Hogwarts). It’s hard to tell if these reports were caused by students crying wolf… or by cries from beyond the grave.

It is said that every single building at Ohio University is haunted by at least one ghost. One of the most famous is a student rumored to have performed satanic rituals in her dorm which eventually killed her. Room 42B of Wilson Hall is now sealed off from students because of the paranormal unrest it inflicts on its inhabitants.

Corriher Lipe Middle School in North Carolina is haunted by a former janitor named Larry. In the 1940’s the school’s beloved custodian was killed in a boiler explosion. Students and Teachers at the school after hours often hear his keys jingling and a slight limp to invisible footsteps.

After a fire in the 1950’s Lambertville High School has closed its doors forever, yet it seems its students and teachers remain. Rumor has it people died in that fire and their bloodcurdling screams can be heard if you desire to spend the night. (Also check out the creepy artwork someone made on one of the chalkboards of the collapsed school.)

Lambartville High School Chalboard Artwork:

The University of Illinois campus is haunted by a man in a grey uniform and no face. He was first seen by a girl returning for a sorority party who appeared at the top of her dorm’s stairs. Since then there have been numerous accounts of seeing a similar man standing over bed of college co-eds. Then there’s the matter of the two campus hangings who were determined to be murderous but the killer never found.

Drew University in Madison New Jersey is haunted by the ghost of the wife of the founder, Roxanna Mead Drew. When Mead Hall (the dorm that is her namesake) had a nasty fire, two firefighters claimed to see the among the flames a woman dressed in 19th century garb appear but then disappear into the flames.

Historic Williamsburg VA has many local haunts, but the Matthew Whaley Elementary is home to at least three, which include the boy who died at nine years old and is responsible for the school’s and the two black boys who were murdered during the area’s tense time of anti-desegregation.

A building on the Augusta State University campus was once home to woman named Emily Galt who threw herself out a window after she knew her lover was to fight in the Civil War. To this day visitors of the building hear the voices of a man and a woman fighting. Could this be Emily and her love having an argument over whether or not he should serve? Just before she leaped, she etched her name in the window pane (which you can see below).

Emily Galt’s etching on the window she jumped through to end her life.

Most people dread going back to school because of the deadlines and stress. But if you attend one of these active institutions? You have a whole new batch of fears to be worrying about…

There are creepy places all over the country, but these schools really take the cake. Share them with others by clicking on the Facebook Share button below. They’re just too creepy not to…

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