The Incredible NOPES Of The Deep Sea… UGH, No Thank You.

Are you looking for something to help you feel better about summer ending? Knowing that you don’t have to worry about running into these guys any more has to help. While it’s unlikely that you were swimming anywhere near them when you were at the beach this summer, you’ll probably want to avoid even taking a shower after you see what kind of beasts are lurking in the water.

Seriously, they’re that terrifying. I’m never swimming in the ocean again.

1.) Humpback Anglerfish

2.) Stargazer Fish

3.) Terrible-Claw Lobster

4.) Fangtooth FIsh

5.) Giant Spider Crab

6.) Giant Isopod

7.) Pacific Viperfish

8.) Blobfish

9.) Gulper Eel

10.) Goblin Shark

11.) Frilled Shark

12.) Megamouth Shark

13.) Giant Squid

14.) Atlantic Wolffish

(via Imgur)

… I’m never, ever, ever going into the ocean again. 

The world is full of incredible creatures, but I have a hard time feeling okay with swimming next to these guys. No thank you.

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