The Battle Between Cats And Mice Would Be Much More Intense If This Was Used

Do you find the constant struggle between cats and mice a bit dull? Jeff de Boer did. The artist is well known for creating suits of metal armor tailored to cats and mice. de Boer’s designs won over fans across the globe, and put a whole new dimension in play for future Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Are you ready to suit up your cat? Because we know we are!

Detailed armor for such noble creatures.

Mice need protection, too.

Yes, chain mail for a cat.

The influences on these pieces range from a variety of different countries and time periods.

(source Jeff DeBoer)

Yes, a jousting match between a cat and mouse is exactly what we want to see happen. You should check out Jeff’s Facebook page for more great shots of his work. There’s plenty more armor-inspired designs to keep you in disbelief for hours.

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