SWAT Team Bursts Into A Room While A Guy Is Playing Video Games.

YouTuber and gamer Jordan “Kootra” Mathewson is the founder of a Littleton, Colorado-based gaming group called The Creatures. One day, he was sitting in his office doing what he does every day for a living (playing video games and streaming it live onto the Internet) when all of a sudden a SWAT team burst through the door with guns aimed right at him.

The whole thing was caught on video since he was streaming at the time. As it turns out, some idiot watching his feed had called in a fake threat to the police which caused the SWAT team to raid the offices of The Creatures.

(Source: Amund Johansen)

As idiotic as it sounds, this happens all too often to people who make their living streaming live videos online, especially gamers.

It’s a phenomenon known as Swatting, which is a prank that involves falsely telling the police of a dangerous situation so that a SWAT team is deployed in response, erroneously. The police are led to believe that they need to roll out the big guns and armor, leaving the intended victim of the prank literally staring down the barrel of the gun.

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