Squirrel Got Himself Stuck Inside The Front Grill Of A Car. Luckily He Was Rescued, Unharmed.

A poor little squirrel got itself in a terrible mess when it became stuck inside the grill of a BMW. The car had hit the squirrel, who was dashing across a road at the time.

Thankfully, Simon and Lucy from the Wildlife Aid Foundation were there to help the little squirrel escape from its predicament. They spent quite a lot of time trying to free the little thing, but a few seconds after they got it free, it made a super quick dash to the nearest tree. Seemingly completely unharmed after the crash.

(Source: Wildlife Aid)

Watching the squirrel make a dash for it there at the end made me really thankful it wasn’t injured after the crash, and really thankful that there are people like Simon and Lucy in this world, always willing to land a helping hand to animals in need.

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