Sometimes, You Just Need A Nap, Even If You’re At Work. These People Know It.

Is there anything better than a quality nap? I love taking a little 20 minute snoozefest. It can clear your mind, recharge your mental batteries and give you a fresh start during the day. Basically, powernaps are awesome (and scientifically proven to be so).

Naps are great. That’s why I recommend we all start taking one, European-style, during the work day. However, you might not want to be like these people, who didn’t time their workday naps too well…

1.) Pretty much sums up government today.

2.) Men at “nap.”

3.) Ball boys at rest.

4.) Because he’s super stealthy.

5.) Or you’re telling us about it instead of actually doing it.

6.) Apply that creativity to work and you’re golden.

7.) Umm, leg support?

8.) Genius.

9.) We both agree on one thing: crosswords are BORING.

10.) That’s why they always quote “40-45 minutes” for delivery!

11.) Apparently Morgan couldn’t stay awake during this movie.

12.) He’s actually just watching the big game on that phone…

13.) Where can I make this happen?!

14.) At least he made a little cardboard bed.

15.) Please please please…don’t forget to raise your seatbacks before taking off.

16.) Violins everywhere are crying out.

17.) Here at the State Fair, there are too many jokes to list…

(via BuzzFeed)

You’ll have to excuse me…it’s time for my afternoon siesta. Now, where’s a plane engine when you need one?

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