Sometimes, Stupid Happens. And It Really, Really Hurts. Ouch.

Intelligence may be a genetic inheritance or a learned trait. Whatever its origin may be, these people don’t have it. They cruise through life from one situation to the next, completely unaware of their sheer stupidity in what they say and do.

Let’s face it: these people aren’t smart enough to realize they’re the butt of our jokes. And boy, are they hilarious.

1.) Beauty pageants are goldmines of hilarity. Case in point.

2.) Well, of course you do.

3.) Let’s just hope you didn’t pass along you smart genes.

4.) What she says is funny, but not as funny as her black mustache.

5.) Face. Palm.

6.) Linda! Think this through, honey.

7.) A Middle School History teacher is crying somewhere.

8.) Ok, this made my day.

9.) I’ve seen Grease too many times to believe this actually happened.

10.) I’d like to talk to the President of Antarctica about this travesty.

11.) Can you imagine watching this person put it on the copier?!

12.) Do-it-yourself Uncle is a little thick.

13.) I think nature is still working on that Michael Jackson nose.

14.) No, admitting it is.

15.) Fail. Just, fail.

16.) 9 people LIKED it!

17.) Michigan looks like they must have good Chinese take-out.

18.) Let’s think through how YOU were born, if your parents died today.

19.) Yes, you are.

20.) I have no words.

21.) Naw, cousins at best.

22.) Maybe you should have stayed in there a little longer…

(via Izismile)

Oh boy, that was painful… and painfully hilarious.

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