People Find Some Creepy Stuff On Google Maps. Take These 27 Images For Example.

If you thought Google Maps was just for getting directions, you’re sorely mistaken. Half the fun of Google Maps is using it to explore the world.

Sometimes during the course of that exploration, you come across some really freaky/creepy/terrifying stuff, like these 27 images. Brace yourselves, it’s about to get weird.

1.) The broken face on the hillside.

2.) Well that’s a creepy thing to write on the roof of a building.

Google Maps

3.) Oh. That giant inverted pentagram was must have been created by accident. Yeah that’s probably it.

4.) I really hope this is just a Google Maps glitch.

5.) I’m seeing double, and I’m very scared.

6.) Bird people?

Google Maps

7.) Is someone, or something trying to send us a message? I’m freaked out.

Google Maps

8.) Oh….Well ok then.

9.) Stern looking faces in the wilderness. Seriously. Who did this, and why?

Google Maps

10.) Airplane graveyard.

Google Maps

11.) What the what?! This seriously looks like a space alien.

The next one will haunt my dreams forever. Hit Next Page at your own risk…

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