Nobody Did Halloween Like This Former Special Effects Designer. C’mon!

Adam Savage is a former special effects designer who you may already know from his hit TV series “Mythbusters”. Well, it turns out Savage is not only works for the movies, he is also one of the biggest movie fans of all time. Halloween is a time where he gets to really let his fandom come out.

This is what happens when you put decades of working in the movie industry into one awesome costume a year.

Gilbert Kane (Alien).

The Joker in disguise (The Dark Knight).

No-Face (Spirited Away).

The Rocketeer.


Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Han Solo.

Steam Punk Iron Suit.

Mercury-era Astronaut.

Ghost Buster Suit.

Captain Jack Aubrey (Master and Commander).

Doc Ok (Spiderman 2)

He made this costume specifically for his comedian friend, Patton Oswalt, so he can accompany his Spiderwoman daughter on Halloween.



Admiral Ackbar.

Ringwraith (The Lord of the Rings).

I don’t even feel like dressing up for Halloween next year. Savage just destroyed anything I could ever do. It’s not fair.

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