Moscow’s Metro System Is so Well Designed, You’d Want to Live There. Forever.

Russia’s Moscow Metro opened in 1935 with one 6.8 mile line serving 13 stations. Today, the Moscow Metro covers 202 miles and has 195 stations. That kind of growth would be impressive even if they didn’t go out of there way to make so many of the stations look like mass transit masterpieces. Some of the stations look like replicas of New York’s Grand Central Station. Others look like futuristic versions of the International Space Station. It’s no wonder why it has the world’s largest daily ridership; the Moscow Metro is as good as it gets…without having a car of your own to drive.

The Moscow Metro.

The older stations are so beautiful and ornate.

Wow. They even have cool statues.


Imagine being able to walk through this every day.

Or this?

Or this? Did they bring Michelangelo back from the dead to decorate this station?


Now on to the more futuristic-looking stations.

This one looks like the place where Will Smith dances with those aliens in the “Men in Black” music video.

The future is now…in the Moscow Metro, at least.

What an incredible subway system.

(via dk_bbg)

This looks amazing. Judging from the look of the stations, the inside of those subway cars must be made of diamonds that are somehow comfortable to sit on. This sure beats my commute home.

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