Modern And Ancient Fantasy Tales Come Alive In These Beautiful Illustrations

Magical lands full of dark forests, mysterious maidens, and unicorns fill the world of Jessica Albert. The young French artist, going by the handle Sieskja on art site deviantArt, creates lush, complex watercolors which open a door from the everyday into the world of fantasy.

Le Loup Blanc

(“The White Wolf”) This is from a Beauty and the Beast version written in the 19th century.


The Ondine or Undine is a water spirit, like a mermaid, from German folklore. The mer-horse is known as a kelpie in Scotland and a nykur in Iceland.

Les Sept Merles

(“The Seven Blackbirds”) This was inspired by a Lithuanian fairy tale.

Oh Dear Black Horse

This illustration is from a 1928 novel that uses medieval Norway as its setting.

Albert’s work instantly calls to mind classic fairy tales. She often draws her inspiration from fairy tales as well as from modern fantasy stories. Her work is ethereal and earthly at the same time. It features misty, jewel-toned colors that seem to float off the page, as well as anchoring dark linework that keeps the figures and shapes grounded. Her images call to mind traditional stained glass, folk art, and the illustrations of Tolkien.

Det Dödande Vattnet

(“The Deadly Water”)

Salzburg’s Unicorn

Moonlit Sonata

Her art also has a multicultural spin, as many of her illustrations are inspired by folk tales from around the world. Albert has a particular fascination for Scandinavian lore, and has studied Scandinavian languages. She also studies library science, which naturally provides her with plenty of inspiring material. In addition to classical legends, Albert also works with other contemporary artists and writers, and sometimes creates illustrations of their original tales as well.

Esprits des Bois

(“Spirits of the forest”) Besides using traditional folklore, Albert also works with fellow artists and writers to bring their own original stories to life.

Le Saule Pleureur

(“The Weeping Willow”)

Le Temps Retrouve

(“Found Time.”)


You can keep up with Albert’s latest work on her deviantArt, Tumblr, Ultra-Book and Facebook pages, and see some artistic process on her blog.

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